16 July 2021

A versatile and alternative solution: the modular system

At Padoan, our bywords are practical solutions and a punctual service. We specialise in small-scale, superior-quality projects where every aspect is created, designed and made to measure, but we also offer the ideal solution for those with different needs.

Our product range also includes a selection of modular solid timber furniture supplied ready for assembly. These are standard products which can nonetheless be personalised to suit your specific requirements.

In fact, you can choose from almost 30 different finishes and two models to meet the specific requests, tastes and style you wish to give your premises: ENO or DELI, two ranges perfect for lending a distinctive design and character to your interior.

What’s more, these modular elements are supplied pre-assembled, and require no further work (they don’t even need fixing to walls) and can be mixed and matched to allow you to continuously renew the look of your premises.

The wide range we offer and the possibility to have bespoke customisation mean you can find an original solution which is perfect for any setting, guaranteeing you a quality product whatever your needs may be.

We guarantee a swift service: in 10 days your order will be ready for delivery.


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