23 July 2021

Introducing our new website

We have a new company website – an updated virtual “shop window” to showcase our company’s 60 years in business. We wished to renew it to make it fully representative of the illustrious history of our business.

The idea was to make it more user friendly and modern, starting from the colours and shapes, right through to the logic of navigation.

We focused on enhancing the 4 product categories by allocating to each of them a colour and letter: D for Display, F for furniture for Interiors, A for Analysis (what was previously the Technology section) and finally C for Contract.

The colours – all pastel shades – are also repeated within the categories, with different shades used to indicate the sub-categories.

But the most significant change is the enhanced ease of consultation. With this organisational system, based on clearly-defined categories and sub-categories, we’ve provided filters to help you quickly view only the products you’re interested in. We’ve maintained the same logic in our paper catalogue.

Our goal is to make our product offering clear to potential clients and help them choose the most suitable products for their premises.

What’s more, within each category, with just a simple click you can request a quote or download the entire catalogue. And finally, we’ve included a page for References, a space dedicated to our clients, to all those who’ve demonstrated their trust in our professionalism.

Here you’ll find a map of the world where you can explore all our commissions. If you haven't seen it yet, please click here.

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